3D(ream) Modelling

Graphics and Design

For successful modelling everyone should remember these 4 steps. They will help you to realize your ideas in a best way.


is a way to design a 3d object at the structural level. 

solid modeling

 is the use of software to create a virtual three-dimensional model of some physical object.


is the process of applying images to 3D objects so that they appear more realistic.


 is the automatic process of generating a  photorealistic or non-photorealistic image from a 2D or 3D model by means of computer programs.

Now I know well which 4 steps I should follow.

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Are You a Cyberperson?

Here is the way to find out
how technological you are:

  • What kind of information do you get on the Web?
  • Do you create and design your own web pages?
  • Do you know how to compress and decompress files?
  • Have you ever booked your holiday on the Net?
  • Have you ever bought things over the Net?
  • Have you ever played games online?
  • Do you text your friends?
  • Have you got an anti-virus program?
  • Have you got a lot of contacts on your account list?
  • Have you ever played music online?
  • What do you use more: phone or computer?
  • What is your favourite Website?

If you've got 5-6 positive answers, then you are on your way to Infotech.

But if the number of positive answers is ten or more, then you are a real cyberperson.


  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Internet Issues

There is no life without internet now.
So we all should know about its issues.

the illegal copy and distribution of copyrighted software, games or music files

pretending that someone else’s work is your own 

implies spreading of destructive / intrusive software such as PC viruses, worms, scareware, adware, spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses as well as other forms of malicious programs.

getting passwords for online bank accounts or credit card numbers by using emails that look like they are from real organizations, but are in fact fake; people believe the message is from their bank and send their security details.

making one computer look like another in order to gain unauthorized access.

online harassment or abuse, mainly in chat rooms or newsgroups

 taking, making, circulation, and possession with a view to distribution of any indecent photographs.

Use the Internet with benefit.
Don't allow the issues to disturb you.
Learn all information about them to prevent problems.

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

«Three Worlds»: Cyber&Virtual&Techno

Virtual cafe = 3D virtual reality
People of all ages, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, two halls: working and relaxing, lounge sofas, computer desks, computer chairs, swimming pools, nice music, regulations, working/relaxing atmosphere, pleasant aroma, comfort, software: iOS, Windows 10, cloud subscription, wireless and extra fast internet connection.
Cyber cafe = hardware + desktops
Computer desks, computer chairs, relax with device, wireless and extra fast internet connection, software: iOS, windows 10; cloud subscription, computers, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, webcams, printers, pleasant aroma, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, a working hall.
Techno cafe = relax / lounge
People of all ages, Ibiza Spain, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, a relaxing halls, lounge sofas, computer desks, computer chairs, swimming pools nice music, regulations, relaxing atmosphere, pleasant aroma, comfort computers, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, webcams.

Saturday’s My Funday

So today i am going to tell you about my Saturday, a favourite day of the whole week.

My morning starts from waking up in the sun. This gives me energy for all my day. I wake up and understand that I slept well. I am ready to live my best life and give positive mood to people around me. Then I go to the bathroom and do my beauty routine. Putting all beauty products on my face makes me calm. After the bathroom I go to the kitchen to have my best morning breakfast. Two products that I love the most are coffee and chocolate. Sometimes my breakfast consists of them, but on other days I have healthy breakfast full of vitamins to feel well all work/learning day long.

After food I go to the swimming pool. I listen to my favourite music, dance and swim there. This is necessary. Firstly, my body feels super after workout. Secondly, my soul feels happy after fun music. After swimming I like walking about the garden. I spend time with the nature and the sun. It is my type of meditation. It is a very pleasant feeling to receive energy from the ground.

Very often I just meet with my bestie. We spend time together going somewhere or just staying at home and watching films. On some Saturdays we get together to communicate with our parents.

In the end I should say, please, love your life. Today is everything you have! Do everything for life of your dreams!

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

I Am an Internet User

There is no person that don’t use Internet today. So… I am just one of these people and I am trying to learn everything about it.

I like this program  for safe and high quality connection with friends online. You can talk with video on or without. People use it in e-business or e-commerce also.

TeamViewer helps me to remotely control (i. e. connect and use) other computers for my goals. This is not a cybercrime, no. I myself use it for English learning and for trouble-shooting .

The best place to watch and share videos for me. I can find any video I want there. It can be music, educational, psychological or just for fun. Like, upload, watch & discover!

It will help if you need to buy something or to sell anything. This site uses e-cash by means of credit cards. Be careful using it, learn precautions before diving into buying.

Personally I use this program the most. You can meet new people, upload photos, make history of your own life. Also,  you can keep in touch with your friends sharing Histories and interesting videos with masks. 

Use the Internet in Right Ways

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Paperless Office

A paperless office? Does this sound strange nowadays? No, of course. Today all offices use up a lot of paper. But we can see marvellous trends ahead. There are a lot of smart devices people can use instead of paper.  We use e-mail instead of fax, prepare out budget with a spreadsheet, scan printed materials, send messages, post important information on the site or in group and what not!

Also there are new smart devices which capture our life like digital cameras, smartphones, etc. Personally I think that offices of the future won’t use paper anymore and anywhere. For example HoloDesk proves it even now.

The Less Paper, The More Trees

NVIDIA Holodeck is a virtual reality (VR) innovation platform that brings designers, peers, and stakeholders together from anywhere in the world to build and explore creations in a highly realistic, collaborative, and physically simulated VR environment.

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

User Interface

The term user interface procedures that it easy to use. In 1970s and 1980s computers systems were complex.
In 1984, Apple produced the Macintosh. That was first computer with a graphical user interface. A few years later, Microsoft launched Windows.
A GUI makes use of a WIMP environment: windows, icons, menus and pointer. Double Clicking a folder opens a window which contains programs and documents. A modern OS allows multitasking, that means you can run several tasks simultaneously.
The most popular operating systems are Windows, Mac Os, Unix, Linux.

The most common user interface today is a graphical user interface or GUI. VR uses graphics to generate on imaginary world.
You put on a head-mounted display to see that makes you feel as you are there. There are such devices as data glove, virtual mouse, body suits and so on. These systems are used in Video games, architectural designs. Pilots use flight simulators for example.
VR systems are very useful.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Printer of Dreams

I believe all of us gave a thought once in a while about a gadget of their dream. I did. So, I will tell you about a printer of my dreams.  

I think, it should print everything I want in what time I want. Pictures, documents, web pages, photos. A printer of mine can hear me also. For example, if I work at my computer, I shouldn’t go to it and press the button or if I am lying on the sofa, I can say to it something and it will print it out

It would be fantastic if the printer could recycle the paper. Maybe it will use plastic paper to save trees

To sum up, it should be small, so I could put it on the little shelf. It should have no wires to save place in my room too.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

The Crazy World We Are

 In Nowadays we have a lot of political problems. This is a real problem. People who should develop their countries do nothing for this.

Several days ago, a drunk driver knocked down fifteen people by a speeding car, but authorities said and did nothing about that. This is the third event in this month.

While we were going by the car, we saw crying people watching the sun going down the horizon. A lot of them lost their family members and a lot of them should take down pets of their neighbors’ because nobody can take care of them now.

Some people were very upset and officers should hold them down to calm down or to take their names down. The police turned down ordinary people without saying any words. I think it’s crazy and it mustn’t last anymore.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)