Leveled Textbooks


This is my first leveled textbook. This book introduced to me the English language in the American and British way. I like listening to the dialogues and texts.


This book had first pages that taught me the English grammar. Besides this book comes with a CD-ROM that you can use to play grammar games. I did enjoy them!



A lot of new words and interesting exercises. Also in this book there are greal picture. They helped me how to describe what I see.

Grammar is becoming more difficult with every step. So it was very important to have desire to continue learning.


The green book of wonders brings me to another level of English. The old friends & new ones emerge on the pages just in front of you while strolling along winding paths of the English language.

This book contains a number of interesting themes such as plural nouns, present simple, infinitives, countable and uncountable nouns, past simple, comparatives, present perfect and modal verbs.


Every Friends’ textbook has its own colour. Friends 3 is purple. Also it has irregular verbs at the final pages, so you can learn them perfectly. Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, First conditional, Second Conditional, Passive voice, adjectives — all these topics can be  found on the pages.

The final part of children grammar textbook series. It contains lovely colorful dialogues and background for grammar praxis.


Every child becomes an adult, so am I. So it is time for everyone to study essential grammar moments of the language the way adults do.et it doesn’t mean dull drilling.

After the essential one it is time for beautiful intermediate English grammar. My favourite. You should learn it thoroughly to be able to pass English exams.

STEP 6 (in progress)

Perfect textbook for learning all phrasal verbs in the world. With the help of it I learnt how to use the same verb in different situations.

Amazing book which will teach and tell you a lot of interesting details about the IT world. There are a lot of themes about technologies that you can learn with the help of pictures, exercises, texts and audios.

STEP 7 (awaiting)

I am looking forward to dive into it