French Riviera Christmas

I like Christmas, because you can have a good time with right people and you don’t have to worry about your work or studies. Some people choose to visit a new country every year. So I will tell you about my choice.

My family and I went to the French Riviera this Christmas. This is one of the best places to go if you like warm weather and palms but at the same time you don’t want to forget about winter and Christmas. There is a lot to see there and you have a wide range of places to go to. Just imagine: every place, every street, every cafe has New Year decorations so it feels like you are in a fairy tale of your dreams.

My family and I have visited some new cities in the Riviera: Saint-Raphael, Mandelieu, Theoule-sur-Mer, Sanremo.

But my favourite way to spend a day should be like this:

☀In the morning I go to Starbucks to get my favourite frappuccino and then go to the beach. I like watching the waves  sitting on the Promenade des Anglais. It helps me to think about my plans and my future.

🛍In the afternoon it is great to meet a friend near the Palace of Festivals and Congresses of Cannes and go shopping to  boutiques on the Croisette or you can go to the Marché de Noël.

🍹The evening is a time when you can enjoy your holiday tasty food relaxing in my favourite Movida Lounge. The French Riviera offers you a great opportunity to find what you want, because there are no problems to pick up a cozy place to eat. You can enjoy French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese cuisine etc. I prefer Caffé Roma

🌃In the night it is up to you where to go. You can go to High Club and party there or you can go home to take a very long nap. I prefer parties on holidays. 

I hope now you see why I am so enthusiastic about coming to the French Riviera every Christmas…


Frappuccino is a trademarked brand of the Starbucks Corporation for a line of iced, blended coffee drinks.

Marché de Noël (“Christmas market”) is an outdoor market associated with the celebration of Christmas and which is traditionally held during Advent.

The Promenade des Anglais is an avenue along the seaside in the Baie des Anges, in Nice.

Movida Lounge is a bar-lounge at the seaside in Nice.

Caffé Roma is in the heart of the city, opposite the Palais des Festivals, it has been a Cannes institution for 25 years.


(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

Gaming Our Lives

As you know gaming makes life of a lot of people happier nowadays. But I should point out pros and cons of gaming.

You might consider gaming as a type of entertainment. Lots of people spend their free time driving, flying, killing, creating and what not escaping the reality. Games can be educational, funny, they can teach skills such as strategic thinking, interpretative analysis and problem solving.

However, gaming can be very addictive and make children become accustomed to violence. Furthermore, as you can see around you video games have negative effects on children and distract them from school homework and doing sports.

To sum up, it is up to you to decide whether you play video games or not, if you want to use gaming as a kind of entertainment or to avoid danger of it. Choose what you love, as to me I devote my free time to education, sport, family and friends.

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Turkish Tapestry of My Emotions

of My Emotions


It is my last day on a balcony in Turkey. I am sitting and watching a sunset. And I am asking myself: “What interesting  happened this week?” Oh… so much!! The reality was much more beautiful than my previous expectations. 

I spent a lot of time on the beach. The sea was splendid and calm, so you could enjoy your drinks, sunbathe and spend as much time as you want in the water.

I found friends so I could enjoy their company eating ice-cream and having fun in the pool. Also our evening ritual was going to the club at night. Every night was interesting and joyfulness. We were dancing till 2 a.m., then we went to the night bar to drink or to eat. At dawn we went to the pool, but we didn’t swim. We were just sitting on sun loungers, watching the shady palms around and speaking about future and dreams. 

I love this travel with all my heart!! So many emotions, so much sunshine, so much new memories. I wish every my summer was like this. Enjoy your life!

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

«Three Worlds»: Cyber&Virtual&Techno

Virtual cafe = 3D virtual reality
People of all ages, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, two halls: working and relaxing, lounge sofas, computer desks, computer chairs, swimming pools, nice music, regulations, working/relaxing atmosphere, pleasant aroma, comfort, software: iOS, Windows 10, cloud subscription, wireless and extra fast internet connection.
Cyber cafe = hardware + desktops
Computer desks, computer chairs, relax with device, wireless and extra fast internet connection, software: iOS, windows 10; cloud subscription, computers, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, webcams, printers, pleasant aroma, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, a working hall.
Techno cafe = relax / lounge
People of all ages, Ibiza Spain, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, a relaxing halls, lounge sofas, computer desks, computer chairs, swimming pools nice music, regulations, relaxing atmosphere, pleasant aroma, comfort computers, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, webcams.

Saturday’s My Funday

So today i am going to tell you about my Saturday, a favourite day of the whole week.

My morning starts from waking up in the sun. This gives me energy for all my day. I wake up and understand that I slept well. I am ready to live my best life and give positive mood to people around me. Then I go to the bathroom and do my beauty routine. Putting all beauty products on my face makes me calm. After the bathroom I go to the kitchen to have my best morning breakfast. Two products that I love the most are coffee and chocolate. Sometimes my breakfast consists of them, but on other days I have healthy breakfast full of vitamins to feel well all work/learning day long.

After food I go to the swimming pool. I listen to my favourite music, dance and swim there. This is necessary. Firstly, my body feels super after workout. Secondly, my soul feels happy after fun music. After swimming I like walking about the garden. I spend time with the nature and the sun. It is my type of meditation. It is a very pleasant feeling to receive energy from the ground.

Very often I just meet with my bestie. We spend time together going somewhere or just staying at home and watching films. On some Saturdays we get together to communicate with our parents.

In the end I should say, please, love your life. Today is everything you have! Do everything for life of your dreams!

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

A Life-jacket of a Helping Hand

You shouldn’t stay up bottling up your emotions if you feel bad. If you’re in a difficult situation right now it’s better for you to have people who can cheer you up. These people ARE very important in everyone’s life. If you feel not freshen up, if you have lots of heavy thoughts, please go and have a bath, go to massage, take a walk. After these little things you’ll sure feel better. Be good people: if you see acquaintances in a bad mood you should back them up. Problems will always crop up so you need to stay a strong person. Be happy!

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

A Taxi Ride Without Money

I was standing with my friend near the cinema. He had booked the tickets online and picked up the bill beforehand. He was smoking so I gave him a piece of advice. I said to him if he gave up smoking he would feel better, but it would take up some time. He started to say many silly things to me. I asked him not to make up excuses. After that we called the taxi and went home. Driving up to my house, we noticed that we didn’t have money. But the taxi service agreed to put up the money we needed because I got a lot of bonuses on my account. All night we were watching our favourite series and watching the moon come up over the hill near our house. When our favourite series finished, the news begun. We understood that prices would go up in the new year. Then we talked a little bit about our lives and went to bed.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

A Hasty Winter Day

I was going for a walk and my mom said to me to do up my overcoat because it was very cold. My taxi drew up and the driver got out. It was hard for me to open the door because the lock had frozen up. My favourite song was on in the car so I said to the driver to turn up the volume. A few minutes later news begun. A presenter summed up all situations in a few words. I don’t like news so it made my mood worse. I phoned my friend but she was busy and hung up before I could ask her anything. When I arrived, the party hadn’t broken up yet and almost all my friends were there. It had been a difficult hasty winter day, and finally I was able to relax.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

One Day of My Life

I got up early today’s morning. But then I understood, ”It is Sunday, I don’t need to go anywhere”. So I stayed up late in bed. Then I got downstairs, dressed up and went to the kitchen. My mom cooked me a beautiful breakfast. Then I washed up all plates after eating up my omelette and drinking up my tea. I knew that my father would come soon, so I mixed up the ingredients to cook tasty salad. I was very glad that I could cook because I was brought up well. Having done all my house work I caught a taxi and went to my friends to a café.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

Day With My Friends

My friends and I were tidying up in my house. Suddenly a shelf with books fell off. My friend had a very deep wound and she was crying. I put some bandage on the wound and  said to her that she shouldn’t cry though it would take some time to heal up. The tallest of my friends put the shelf up back on the wall and fixed it up. Then we went to the shop to buy snacks because we were going to watch our favourite film. We wanted to buy strawberries so we looked up for them on the Internet and went straight to the grocery that was selling them. And when we found them we knew that the price of strawberries had shot up. We went home cheered up because we were about to watch the film. It was a great ending of a day.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)