Job Application in a Dream

The other day I had a dream. No wonder! I have been studying the best way to apply for an IT job. So in my dream I was writing a letter of application.

Cannes 130174
Avenue Beausejour, 8

Marine Chevaleyre
82 Parfois Street 
Paris 237820

Dear Marine Chevaleyre,

I am writing to apply for the position of web developer which was advertised at

After I degreed from Computer Science and Web developing, University of Nice, I completed a course in computer hardware, science and networking at the Cybernetics College in Antibes. Two years ago I did a course on web design at the University pf Strasbourg: HTML, Java and Space Communications between global web sites.Then I got online diploma in the best web-based technology for business (

For the May 2025 – December 2026 I worked as IT consultant at an IT company, specialising in e-commerce and IT strategies of creating business and artificial intelligence. 

Since January 2027 I have been working as Part-time Web developer at; responsible for updating the site and planning website layouts and navigation. 

I have social, organisational skills and good communication skills. I can speak French, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

I really enjoy working on the Web and I want to be a part of your IT world.

In my free time I like doing web surfing, listening to music, doing sports, reading books in paper and travelling to distant picturesque places.

I enclose a curriculum vitae and samples of my work. 

I will be available for an interview at any time.

I look forward  to hearing from you!

Yours faithfully,
Maria  Zhukova

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Subjects of My Life

Universal of Mine

I am just sitting at the table right now, drinking my coffee and thinking about courses that I should choose when I go to the university.

 In my list there should be Data Design,  Management of Creative Projects and Prototyping Interactive Technologies.

But I don’t want to be a narrow specialist, so I would choose one or two more minor subjects apart of my major. Multimedia is everywhere now. So you must be at home with art & design.

          That’s why I feel like taking up some courses related to these areas. I want to learn lots of stuff to be good at my job and obtain specific skills. For example “Communication and graphic design” and “Journalism, PR, media and publishing”.

I hope my schedule will allow me to start practise on my own, maybe it’s gonna be a kind of freelance. It will help me realise.

  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

Printer of Dreams

I believe all of us gave a thought once in a while about a gadget of their dream. I did. So, I will tell you about a printer of my dreams.  

I think, it should print everything I want in what time I want. Pictures, documents, web pages, photos. A printer of mine can hear me also. For example, if I work at my computer, I shouldn’t go to it and press the button or if I am lying on the sofa, I can say to it something and it will print it out

It would be fantastic if the printer could recycle the paper. Maybe it will use plastic paper to save trees

To sum up, it should be small, so I could put it on the little shelf. It should have no wires to save place in my room too.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

iMac of my dream

I was thinking about doing something new for quite a while. Finally, I decided to take up Computer design. But to do this I needed a new computer.

Initially I chose iMac pro. Why? Because I got used to my old friend iMac and I cannot imaging shifting to another type of working stations.

I checked out the Internet and found out that they released the new iMac packed with the most powerful graphics and processors ever in this brand, along with the most advanced storage, memory, and I/O.  As for its appearance — all this powerful hardware is kept behind a breath-taking Retina 5K display in a sleek, all-in-one design.

Computer design means not only coding, but rendering, 3d modeling, etc. Thus your working station must be extra powerful. That is where iMac Pro is ready to turn your biggest ideas into your greatest work. iMac Pro has the power and flexibility to balance multicore processing with single-thread performance. Which means you can render images, edit up to 8K video, manipulate photos, create real-time audio effects, or compile apps — all at lightning speed.

It is often an issue where to save and keep all your projects. With iMac pro there is no such a problem as you have at your disposal up to 4TB of SSD storage letting you work on large 4K and HD projects regardless of codec.

Having read all this info, and after watching reviews I should say that I can’t wait to work on it!

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)


In our school teachers set up additional lessons. So all children can learn what they want extra-curriculum. The head teacher gives up his own time to teach us Psychology. Now we can pick up our knowledge and become more intelligent. It is very important if you want to be a successful person. Also it is a good idea to start attending extra-curriculum lessons because students can take up something new if they have free time. Lessons end at 5 p.m. All my friends leave classrooms with happy faces and new thoughts.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)