Are You a Cyberperson?

Here is the way to find out
how technological you are:

  • What kind of information do you get on the Web?
  • Do you create and design your own web pages?
  • Do you know how to compress and decompress files?
  • Have you ever booked your holiday on the Net?
  • Have you ever bought things over the Net?
  • Have you ever played games online?
  • Do you text your friends?
  • Have you got an anti-virus program?
  • Have you got a lot of contacts on your account list?
  • Have you ever played music online?
  • What do you use more: phone or computer?
  • What is your favourite Website?

If you've got 5-6 positive answers, then you are on your way to Infotech.

But if the number of positive answers is ten or more, then you are a real cyberperson.


  • (from “MIIT: Mary's Incredible InfoTech”, short reviews by Mary Zhukova)

«Three Worlds»: Cyber&Virtual&Techno

Virtual cafe = 3D virtual reality
People of all ages, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, two halls: working and relaxing, lounge sofas, computer desks, computer chairs, swimming pools, nice music, regulations, working/relaxing atmosphere, pleasant aroma, comfort, software: iOS, Windows 10, cloud subscription, wireless and extra fast internet connection.
Cyber cafe = hardware + desktops
Computer desks, computer chairs, relax with device, wireless and extra fast internet connection, software: iOS, windows 10; cloud subscription, computers, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, webcams, printers, pleasant aroma, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, a working hall.
Techno cafe = relax / lounge
People of all ages, Ibiza Spain, organic and vegan food and drinks, learning tutorials, the newest devices, wifi-access, a relaxing halls, lounge sofas, computer desks, computer chairs, swimming pools nice music, regulations, relaxing atmosphere, pleasant aroma, comfort computers, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, webcams.

Saturday’s My Funday

So today i am going to tell you about my Saturday, a favourite day of the whole week.

My morning starts from waking up in the sun. This gives me energy for all my day. I wake up and understand that I slept well. I am ready to live my best life and give positive mood to people around me. Then I go to the bathroom and do my beauty routine. Putting all beauty products on my face makes me calm. After the bathroom I go to the kitchen to have my best morning breakfast. Two products that I love the most are coffee and chocolate. Sometimes my breakfast consists of them, but on other days I have healthy breakfast full of vitamins to feel well all work/learning day long.

After food I go to the swimming pool. I listen to my favourite music, dance and swim there. This is necessary. Firstly, my body feels super after workout. Secondly, my soul feels happy after fun music. After swimming I like walking about the garden. I spend time with the nature and the sun. It is my type of meditation. It is a very pleasant feeling to receive energy from the ground.

Very often I just meet with my bestie. We spend time together going somewhere or just staying at home and watching films. On some Saturdays we get together to communicate with our parents.

In the end I should say, please, love your life. Today is everything you have! Do everything for life of your dreams!

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

Saving Time Taking Pictures

Saving Time Taking Pictures

Nowadays people make awesome mobile phones, that’s why I use my iPhone for taking photos. I think that this way is better than a camera, because I always take along my iPhone wherever I go. It is not heavy and I adore the quality of pictures I get. So there is no need for a digital camera!

WhenI see something beautiful I immediately take out my phone and take a picture. Ichoose a right angle and press a button. If I like what I see I always edit the image just a little bit. I use two apps for this VSCO and AfterLight. I change saturation and sharpness, do a touch or two, and sometimes apply my favourite filters.

In a few seconds the new photos are ready to be shared with the World for at my Instagram or my blog.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

A Hasty Winter Day

I was going for a walk and my mom said to me to do up my overcoat because it was very cold. My taxi drew up and the driver got out. It was hard for me to open the door because the lock had frozen up. My favourite song was on in the car so I said to the driver to turn up the volume. A few minutes later news begun. A presenter summed up all situations in a few words. I don’t like news so it made my mood worse. I phoned my friend but she was busy and hung up before I could ask her anything. When I arrived, the party hadn’t broken up yet and almost all my friends were there. It had been a difficult hasty winter day, and finally I was able to relax.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

One Day of My Life

I got up early today’s morning. But then I understood, ”It is Sunday, I don’t need to go anywhere”. So I stayed up late in bed. Then I got downstairs, dressed up and went to the kitchen. My mom cooked me a beautiful breakfast. Then I washed up all plates after eating up my omelette and drinking up my tea. I knew that my father would come soon, so I mixed up the ingredients to cook tasty salad. I was very glad that I could cook because I was brought up well. Having done all my house work I caught a taxi and went to my friends to a café.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

Day With My Friends

My friends and I were tidying up in my house. Suddenly a shelf with books fell off. My friend had a very deep wound and she was crying. I put some bandage on the wound and  said to her that she shouldn’t cry though it would take some time to heal up. The tallest of my friends put the shelf up back on the wall and fixed it up. Then we went to the shop to buy snacks because we were going to watch our favourite film. We wanted to buy strawberries so we looked up for them on the Internet and went straight to the grocery that was selling them. And when we found them we knew that the price of strawberries had shot up. We went home cheered up because we were about to watch the film. It was a great ending of a day.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)

You should be able to disapprove of other words

People can accuse you of being rude sometimes. But sometimes you should be able to disapprove of their words. A person can’t become rude for nothing. Some situations in his life made him like that. Life is difficult. And you mustn’t dieof tiredness if you even work a lot of. Remember that life consists of black and white pages. Work hard, play hard. Sometimes you won’t have enough money to pay a bill, sometimes you won’t be forgiven for something, sometimes you will apologize for your mistakes, you are to blame for your actions. You will suffer from loneliness in the nights, and after that you will protect yourself from all bad things that happen in this crazy mad world. You shouldn’t depend on anything; you can’t always rely on anyone. Everything is temporary in this world. Work hard to live on your salary. Congratulate close people on their victories. Take compliments and don’t be shy to compliment someone for what they did or for their look! Live, love and laugh.

(from “Mastories”, short stories by Mary Zhukova)