Glimpses of Me

Who am I?

I am what I am.

Looking from heaven above I am just an ordinary girl who lives in a strange land, not a recognized county.
But I have a lot of dreams, goals and thoughts that I strive for.

I am a traveler 

I like traveling. I adore exploring new places, I enjoy meeting with new people and communicating with them. I can’t live without finding new things, because I get new thoughts when I travel. These new thoughts usually change my life. And these changes happen very often.

Traveling for me is a whole life, I can’t fancy my life without these new emotions. People should travel, even if they don’t have money and even if they can’t go somewhere far. There are a lot of interesting things around us, just around a corner and within our hearts. We had better not waste our time in vain.


I am an amateur athlete

I am keen on sport, ‘cause I am quite a sporty girl. Activity is my middle name.

I like doing all kinds of sport. I can’t imagine my life without it. I adore dancing, playing tennis, fitness and yoga. I believe that when you exercise, your thoughts and mood become better. For example, when I have bad mood I go to the gym. I love swimming with all my heart! Because when I am under water I think that no problems and no negative emotions can affect me. All people should remember to keep themselves fit and eat healthy food.


I am a reader

Books are playing a big role in people’s life. Books are our main teachers. For example, a person can be writing a book for 10 or even 30 years, but you can read it in a week. Books share all knowledge and all rules with you very fast, once a reader is ready to absorb it.

I like books about life and psychology,  that is the main reason why I can’t just chat with my peers about life problems without solving them. Although the majority are in a habit of just talking.

I can’t imagine my life without reading. I love this so much that sometimes I would better read than spend my time on something else. I have a list of my favorite books (which I update regularly), so I can always tell my friend or my brother what to read. Join me in reading!

I am a chef of my own

Food that you eat is very important. Before I eat anything I always remember a proverb “You are what you eat”. As you might know, there are people of two kinds. I would call the first ones ’I-don’t-care-about-my-diet’. They don’t think about their food, they buy a lot of junk food, and they don’t eat vegetables and fruits. They can pick up coke & fries for their breakfast or drink a very sweet latte with chips for their midday meal. I think it is crazy!

As to the second type, I would call them ‘I-don’t-eat-what-kills-me’. They pick food up very seriously. They know what they need and what would be better for their health.

It would be better for you to cook yourself. As to me I pick up ingredients on my own in good places and organic shops. Because doing so I know what I eat. It might take more time than buy ready-to-cook food in the cafe, but it will make your health better.


I Am an Ergonomic Coder

My dream work is a coder but not usual. I want to be an ergonomic coder. It is very different from ordinary workers.

Firstly, my work space should be perfect. I should have a good ergonomic chair that supports my lower back. Then I surely cannot do without an appropriate footrest for my legs. My keyboard should be in the ideal position and I should have an adjustable monitor to be able to move it up and down. For good work-flow, there should be no distraction on my desk. I also need a cup of water with lemon to keep my body and mind fresh.

Secondly, lightning in the room should be bright and cold. I need a desk lamp also. All my gadgets and equipment must be ergonomic to be sure that work does not harm my body (hands, wrists, back, etc) much.

And finally, I do not like lots of cables and wires. That is why I cannot do without a wireless network, a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse of course.